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If you’re anything like us, you have an incredible connection with your dogs and cats. When you’re out of town, you want to make sure they’re with someone who will love them just as much as you do. With Briar Cove Kennels, you can have peace of mind while you’re on extended trips away from Fido and Fluffy.  Leave them in good hands and enjoy yourself.

Our mission is simple: To love and care for each and every animal just like we would want someone to take care of ours.

We are now open 7 days a week 8am - 1pm and 4pm - 6pm


We Board and

Groom Cats!


We love our feline friends at Briar Cove Kennels. We offer spacious cat towers for your cat. We keep most of our cats right in the lobby. They love it and get a ton of attention. If your cat is the more quiet, reserved type we also have a more private area.


Looking for a groomer who also grooms cats? We have a wonderful groomer who understands cats and how to bathe and groom them.


469 Briar Cove Rd

Morganton, GA 30560

(706) 374-1311

Briar Cove Kennels is fully licensed and inspected by the State of Georgia Department of Agriculture.

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Updated 7/5/2018.

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Sunday 9am - 12pm | Monday - Saturday 8am - 1pm AND 4pm - 6pm

We are closed from 1pm to 4pm Monday through Saturday.

Your Pet's Home Away From Home



We are now open 7 cays a week

8am - 1pm and 4pm - 6pm